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  Lophophora williamsii, 'the divine cactus', for growing indoors. (Note: no shipping outside Europe) - Peyote cactus
  This cactus is very popular because of its extraordinary looks. - San Pedro cactus crestate
  Trichocereus pachanoi. Contains the same psychoactive compounds as the bubbly-shaped Peyote cactus, but is less emetic. This is a cutting, which you can place in soil to grow. It is shipped without soil. - San Pedro
  Trichocereus peruvianus. This is a young cutting, which you can put in the earth to grow. But we do not ship it with soil. - Peruvian Torch 6-8 cm
  Complete kit for growing your own peyote cacti. Comes with 25 seeds, instructions, potting soil and coarse sand. - Peyote growkit
  Complete kit for growing your own San Pedro cacti. Comes with 25 seeds, instructions, potting soil and coarse sand. - San Pedro growkit
  Lophophora diffusa seeds. Grow instructions are included. - Lophophora diffusa seeds
  Lophophora williamsii seeds.- San Pedro seeds
  A variant of the San pedro cactus. One the most potent and fast growing mescaline cacti. - Trichocereus peruvianus seeds


  A small, but very detailed book about the cultivation of the famous Peyote and San Pedro cacti, as well as some other cacti. It describes different methods such as growing from seed, cutting and grafting. - Cultivation and Propagation of Cacti
  The most extensive guidebook on all different varieties of the Trichocereus cactus. It includes hundreds of pictures of the San Pedro and all his less known relatives, as well as their botany, chemistry and history. - San Pedro and Related Trichoc. Species
  Describes de history, methods of use and cultivation of the Peyote and the San Pedro cactus. - Peyote and Other Psychoactive Cacti


  - Deze hippe metalen pers is gemaakt van metaal. Op zeer eenvoudige maar effectieve wijze kan je nu zelf je favoriete kruid en poeder samendrukken tot een compacte massa.
  Cactus lamp - A decorative eyecatcher for in the house, garden, camping or shop! This durable cactus lamp is made of hard plastic and is shockproof and weatherproof.
  BC Vaporizer - This is one of the most popular vaporizers of the moment, its works simple but very effective.
  "Big Fish" really shows that we're dealing with two of the most well-respected producers out there. It's massive outdoor trance of the best kind - powerful, yet funky, uplifting without ever getting over the top on either weirdness nor cheesiness. - More >>
  With this beautiful candle you can effectively hide your smoking accessoires and other valuables. The bottom of the candle has a flat aluminum lid that can be screwed off, so you can easily put your things in or out of the stashbox. - More info >>
  This beautiful machine, designed and produced in Germany will be of great benefit for those who use THC for medical and health reasons; especially for non-smokers. - More info >>
  Sothing and refreshing drops containing genuine essential hemp flower oil and honey. Absent of the illegal component THC, these candies are both safe and satisfying. - Swiss cannabis pastilles
  One of the smallest pocket scales on the market. Only 8.2 x 5.7 cm (2.25 x 3.25 "): it is perfect to carry. Don't let the small size fool you: this scale is very accurate and weighs up to 400 grams with a readibility of 0.1 gram. - Palmscale 200g x 0.1g
  The first "jelly babies" with hemp extract. These gums are hemp leaf shaped and hemp flavored. - Hempy Gums


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